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'We’re looking for answers,’ Woodbridge Animal Control seeks help to find who abandoned 3 dogs

Connecticut News 12 | Mar 22, 2024 | By: Tom Krosnowski and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Woodbridge Animal Control is seeking information on who abandoned three dogs found in town.

A Woodbridge resident found the dogs abandoned on Rimmon Road on Tuesday.

“We’re just looking for answers,” said Animal Control Officer Jess Moffo.

Staff at Woodbridge Animal Control says they’re roughly 25 pounds underweight and have been abused.

“I haven’t seen a dog this skinny that’s still alive,” said Animal Control Officer Jessy Pallotto.

Shelter staff says the condition these three dogs arrived at the shelter may have been beyond survival. Faced with long odds, a donation from Desmond’s Army has helped pave the road to their recovery.

“It looks like they were sitting on something hard for a long time, they all have sores on their behind,” Palloto said. “Their short period in life, I don’t think has been that pleasant.”

The nonprofit represents abused animals in the courtroom during cruelty cases. When the shelter reached out to Desmond’s Army to spread the word - they responded with a $1,000 donation.

“They just want to be loved,” said Moffo.

But adoption is a long way off.

“We might have enough money left over to possibly get two, or even all of them spayed before they’re adopted,” said Pallotto.

There is a $3,000 reward (offered by Desmond's Army) for information that leads to arrests. In the meantime, local residents can help by checking their cameras.

“It’s become practically an epidemic. You see it every single day, there is another animal that is abandoned, dumped, discarded, somewhere in Connecticut,” said President of Desmond’s Army Zilla Cannamela.

Staff are asking anyone with information to contact them at 203-389-5991.

“You could be totally anonymous, but we just want to do our job and find out who is responsible for this,” said Moffo.



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