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2023 Legislative Hearing Priorities

Written Testimony Due:  Monday, February 27, 2023
Mar 1 Judiciary Public Hearing
  • Expanding Desmond's Law to Include All Animals

  • Strengthening Animal Sexual Abuse Laws

HB 6714 - Cruelty to Animals (this bill has three parts: expanded definition of sexual assault of animals, required possession ban on people convicted of animal cruelty, and mandatory veterinary reporting of cruelty to animals).

CT Laws Pertaining to Animal Cruelty

Desmond's Law

Substitute House Bill No. 5344 | Public Act No. 16-30



A Summary of CT Animal Cruelty Laws

Connecticut law prohibits many abusive behaviors toward

animals and provides different penalties based on the

severity of the abuse and the abuser's intent.

Connecticut Statutes

Michigan State University College of Law.  Animal Legal and Historical Center. 

The Link Between Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty – Cross-Reporting

Connecticut State Department of Children and Families Social Workers (DCF)must report suspected animal abuse/neglect to the Department of Agriculture (DOA), and the DOA also reports instances of suspected child abuse/neglect to DCF.  DCF also submits annual reports since 2015 to the legislature summarizing the cross-reporting of the previous year.

The signing of Desmond's Law by Governor Dannel P. Malloy

Governmental / Judicial Links

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