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Become a Member

Active Member Requirements

People who become “Active Members” of Desmond’s Army are those who are committed and dedicated to actively advocating for animals.

Many people advocate for animals simply by being compassionate; they may talk with family or friends regarding animals, sign online petitions, share their concerns on social media, etc. Active members of Desmond’s Army are people who are willing and able to do more. Active members are volunteers who donate their time on a regular basis in one or more of the following ways: 

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  • Follow the Desmond's Army Code of Conduct.

  • Attend active court cases of those charged with crimes against animals in CT 

  • Volunteer with Desmond’s Army at fundraising events

  • Actively contribute to the day-to-day tasks of operation of Desmond’s Army

  • Attend functions involving animal advocacy as a representative of Desmond’s Army 

  • Be a voice with local and state representatives to support animal cruelty legislation 

  • Be a registered voter 

Active Members
  • Must become knowledgeable about CT Animal Cruelty Laws, Desmond's Law, Desmond's Army, and its mission,

  • Understand the importance of confidentiality with regard to details of cases and must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement and a waiver of liability,

  • Follow the Desmond's Army Code of Conduct, and 

  • You are asked to make an annual donation (referred to as a membership fee) of $20.00.  The membership fee is non-refundable.

If you want to become an Active Member, please click here to complete the pre-registration form. You are not required to pay the membership fee until you have completed attendance at ten events. This is required to be an active member. 

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