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Wolcott police looking for abandoned dog’s lost puppies

WTNH | April 19, 2024 | by Tim Harfmann

WOLCOTT, Conn. (WTNH) — Wolcott police reunited an abandoned dog with some of her lost puppies, but officers are still looking for the rest.

Police believe the Pit Bull gave birth to seven puppies within the last two weeks and then was dumped on the side of the road.

Officers have located three of those puppies so far.

“They took to her right away, and she seemed to calm down,” said Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens. “[The mother] was very anxious.”

Wolcott Animal Control said workers could hear the distraught mother crying for help in the dog pound kennel earlier this week.

The Pit Bull was found by herself on Tuesday evening near Spindle Hill and Mad River Road, police said. A good samaritan came forward on Thursday after social media videos circulated.

“[On Thursday], we had gotten a call from somebody saying they purchased two of the dogs from this person,” Stephens said.

Police said they identified and tracked down the Waterbury man who they believe was the dogs’ owner and seller. They have not released the man’s name as the investigation is ongoing.

“He’s denying abandoning the dog at this time,” Stephens said. “[The man] says he sold the puppies but gave the mother to someone else who must’ve abandoned it. Again, we are investigating that now, but there will be arrests.”

According to police, the Waterbury man had possession of one puppy, gave it to investigators, and claims the other four puppies were sold to someone in Massachusetts.

Zilla Cannamela, president of Desmond’s Army Animal Advocates, said time is of the essence to reunite the litter, and anyone with information should call the police. “If those puppies don’t return to their mother, they will die,” Cannamela said.

Wolcott police and animal control are now responsible for taking care of the reunited mother and her three pups, which includes paying for food and veterinary bills.

Stephens said if anyone wants to donate, they can drop off cash or checks at the front desk of the Wolcott Police Department.

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