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Reward Now $10,000

Updated: Mar 19

NEWS RELEASE UPDATE | Mar 19., 2024 | Coventry, CT Police Department

This update is in regard to the investigation into the deceased dog that was found dumped on South Street near Route 6. Further investigation has revealed that the dog did not suffer from gunshot wounds but was emaciated and had other traumatic injuries. We felt that it was important to correct the previous information, but this additional information is no less disturbing.

We would like to thank the Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates and the Executive Auto Group for a combined $10,000 reward that they have offered for any information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible. We continue to investigate leads and ask that if you have any information please contact the Coventry Police Department at 860-742-7331 or our anonymous TIPS line 860-742-2400.



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