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Owners of three emaciated pit bulls sought in Woodbridge

WFSB 3| Mar. 20, 2024 | By Rob Polansky

WOODBRIDGE, CT- Animal control officers in Woodbridge said they’re looking for the owners of three emaciated pit bulls.

Woodbridge Regional Animal Control posted to social media that the female pit bulls were spotted on March 18 on Woodfield Road.

“If anyone in that area [has] any info of any suspicious activity please contact us,” it wrote in the post. “Thank You to Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates for stepping up for some critical vet care.”

Animal control asked people to share the photos of the dogs.

“We are looking for any information into the owner/owners of these three female pitties,” it said. “We did see a post [Monday] about three dogs together and these might be the same ones. They were found on Rimmon Road and also traveling along Johnson and Ansonia roads.”

It asked for help.

It said all three dogs were extremely underweight and emaciated. Some had open sores.

“This is an active case and they are not available for adoption at this time,” animal control said.

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