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At the Capitol


Although Desmond's Army is not a lobbyist organization, we are committed to impacting animal welfare legislation.  By engaging our members and supporters to contact their state and local legislators, we hope to influence laws governing legal proceedings against abusive behaviors toward animals. 

Desmond's Army Animal Law Advocates works to encourage lawmakers to create new laws or strengthen old statutes regarding the treatment of animals. We do this by being a voice for the voiceless at the Capitol and in the courts.

During legislative sessions, we support the introduction of bills that positively impact animal welfare. Desmond's Army makes legislators aware of what we consider a priority and encourage voting in favor of proposed bills.

To affect change, it is essential you let your local representatives know what is important to you. A State Representative and a State Senator represent every Connecticut resident. We encourage you to learn about the legislative process and who you should communicate with.

2023 Legislative Priorities

Thousands of bills are introduced, but only a few hundred are passed into law every year.  That is why it is so essential to make our voices heard.  

This year several bills dealing with animal welfare are being considered. Desmond's Army will focus on the following:

  1. The expansion of Desmond's Law to include all animals at the Judge's discretion.

  2. Ban pet shops from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits under inhumane conditions (puppy mills).


Not on this year's legislative agenda, but always our priority:

  • Classify bestiality from a misdemeanor under the state's fourth-degree sexual assault law, which pertains to human victims and dead bodies, to a felony under the sexual assault statute.

  • Introduce animal cruelty as a red flag law in Connecticut.

  • Introduce a bill prohibiting judges from granting a diversionary program to persons who commit violent crimes against animals. 

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